How We Do It

Total Body Approach to Fast Fat and Weight Loss

While many body sculpting studios only focus on technology, we get to the root cause of weight loss challenges – in addition to using the most proven and safe fat loss treatments – to help you feel better, lose inches faster and keep the pounds off for good.

Dream Body Experts

Led by our Health Advisory Team, we go the extra mile to give you the tools and care you need to get the results you want. Our team of weight loss experts work together to combine innovative technology and the most supportive natural therapies – a unique approach to fat and weight loss.

Why We’re Different

We give you the quick fix, then go beyond.

True, we help you lose fat and inches fast. But we also have the ability to teach you how to achieve even greater results. Our Health Advisory Team constantly evolves Rêve’s technologies and services to provide the fastest, easiest and most effective approach to fast weight and fat loss.

We use natural, healthy tools.

Many body sculpting technologies such as laser lipo, freezing and liposuction destroy fat cells and damage cell membranes. We don’t. We use your body’s own fat release process to naturally get rid of fat.

We believe health and beauty is an inside job.

We help you identify the real reasons for your weight loss resistance. Getting to the root cause produces lasting results.